=SYSTEMS corp armiesEdit

They are the Thing Things that want to see 154 dead in front of them. They are always aggresive, attacking on sight. They are mercenaries hired by none other than Systems Corp to kill 154. They come in numerous classes-


Soldiers are the weakest form of enemy in Thing Thing 4 and Arena 2. They are mainly cannon fodder enemies, being weak. They are also the most common, appearing in large mobs. They aren't very strong, but in groups, they are pretty annoying.

They come in several kinds of costumes-

Helmet and Vest- the most common. (In TT4, the helmet got more detailed)
TT4 Soldier

A Soldier seen in Thing Thing Arena 2.

Gas mask and vest- Somewhat weaker then others.

Odd visual object and vest- Same as Helmet soldier

Strange metalic mouthpiece- Strongest of the set.

Squad CaptainEdit

Squad captains are the second class of enemies. They are much stronger then the Soldiers. They wear a helmet similar to the soldiers, but it has more grooves and has a red visor. They also wear a vest with a spike on the back. In TT4, the helmet got more detailed.
TT4 Squad Captain

A Squad Captain as seen in Thing Thing Arena 2

Skull MajorEdit

The strongest enemy in Thing Thing Arena 2 and the second strongest in Thing Thing 4. These dangerous enemies wear a large skull like helmet, and wear a vest with numerous sleeves. They are the least common, but are very dangerous due to their large health. In Arena 2, the sleeve on the bottom was black, but in TT4, it is white.
TT4 Skull Major

A White Skull Major as seen in Thing Thing Arena 2

Black Skull MajorEdit

These enemies are the strongest enemies in the TT4. They wear the same clothes as Skull Majors, but it is black with red lights coming out of the helmet. They have huge health (almost 3 times as much as soldiers) and are incredibly annoying to take down. They are also candidates for the Desert Eagle, so watch out! However, in TTA3, since Black is a costume color option for enemies, Black Skull Majors are no different from the other colors.
Black Skull Major

Black Skull Majors, as they appear in TT4.

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