CEO of Systems Corp.

Systems Corp. CEO in TT4. Image provided by ARG

Systems Corp.
is a fictional R&D megacorporation within the Thing-Thing universe, which had apparently created Project 153, Project 154, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and the other bio-weapons.

As a whole, it acts as the antagonistic force throughout the main series. They are most likely trying to manipulate life through genetic engineering, as at the end of Thing-Thing 4 when the CEO is going to use Project 154's body to refine the DNA splicing process.

Their slogan is "Innovating Life." They also have Wacky Tie Mondays in which employees would wear ties in wacky color schemes on Monday. They also have an extremely strict policy against their employees being lazy in their jobs, as seen in a poster in Thing-Thing 4 where slacking off would be punished by electrocution.

Trivia Edit

  • The smug, scheming cigar-chomping CEO of Systems Corp. is seen at the end of Thing-Thing 4.
  • Systems Corp. possesses the technology to reanimate dead bodies, for reasons unknown.
  • They have the resources and money to hire seemingly endless numbers of mercenaries to do their dirty work, such as hunting down rogue bio-weapons.
  • Strangely, they can genetically engineer Stinky Beans in a special chamber, as seen in Thing-Thing 4.

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