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    I personally wish to see more of Thing-Thing. I want to see what happened to 154. But I don't know what you guys think. Should 154 stay dead, or come back to life? It's been years since the release of Thing Thing 4. Nowadays, Deceased Productions are focusing on new Thing Thing arena games and forgeting the main story all together. Write in the comments what you want. Do you want there to be changes, add a whole lot of new guns in Thing Thing 5 or forget it all together? That's your decision. I'm just here to spice things up. The Links to all the games are below. Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys later.

    Main Story

    • [Thing]
    • [Thing 2]
    • [Thing 3]
    • [Thing 4]

    Arena Games

    • [Thing Arena]
    • [Thing arena 2]
    • [Thing arena 3]
    • [Thing arena Classic]
    • [Thing arena …

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