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    Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the Thing-Thing games. Thing-Thing belongs to Sam McGee A.K.A. Weasel of Diseased Productions.

    JustAlex93 presents...

    Thing-Thing: Gate to a New World

    NOTE: Not complete yet!

    This fanfic starts about six months after the events of Thing-Thing 4, where Project 154 was killed and his genes used to refine the genetic splicing process.

    A mysterious gateway resembling a traditional Japanese torii appears in Sunset City, and an army resembling those seen in Feudal Japan comes out of it and invade. The corporate military units of Systems Corp. stationed there went into action, thwarting the invasion. After saving the limousine of the CEO, who was in town, one particular squadron was given a commendation and a pay rais…

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